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Redemtion code not working for Half Life: Alyx

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We have recently bought the new Vive Cosmos Elite VR headset, along with limited time bundle. The bundle included Half Life: Alyx PLUS with 6 months of Viveport Infinity. When setting up, we were given the choice: six months Viveport Infinity or Half Life: Alyx. Out of instinct we, chose Infinity and proceeded to the checkout. After having a lot of fun with the new headset, we decided to try to get Half Life: Alyx as well. We searched for the redemption code (not the code on the blue sheet on the top of the Cosmos Elite box), found it and pasted it into the Steam product redemption part, it ended up not working, even though it clearly stated on the bundle offer that you were to get Half Life: Alyx PLUS the 6 months VIveport Infinity. 

So, the question we have is: does the bundle offer a choice of the two things (even though it says you get both on the vive website) or can you obtain both and we are just doing it wrong/ our code isn't                working. 

I hope support sees this because the code only works until June or July and if so, thank you.



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Czy możesz zrobić to samo dla mnie? Wybrałem również 6 miesięcy, myśląc dokładnie o tym samym. Naprawdę chciałbym zagrać w moją dołączoną grę / Half - Life Alyx.

Mam ochotę zobaczyć, co naprawdę może zrobić ten zestaw słuchawkowy.


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This has happened to me as well. I went to redeem the code in the box at vive.com/code as it instructed, and redeemed the 6 months of viveport, and it just never gave me an option to go back to claim Half Life Alyx. I still have the box, my transaction emails and everything. Please send help.

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