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Issue performance frame lost


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I keep getting constant frame lost with the magenta lines. I don't know what is causing it. The problem is with wired and wireless adapter. I just got back into VR and I never had a problem before using the same setup. Now after starting to use it again after 4-5 months this is happening. 

System Spec

Intel 8700k

32GB Ram

2080 Ti




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@Yakko - Woah - that's wacky. I've never personally seen a frame timing graph quite that off. SteamVR and the underlying runtime and driver stack tend to not like to sit for too long without being updated. This is true of all VR hardware/software, it likes to update progressively rather than large updates all at once. My first recommendation would be to uninstall everything (SteamVR, wireless adapter software, ect...), download the latest Nvidia graphics driver, during the installation chose advanced and then opt for a "clean installation", and then reinstall SteamVR then test on wired before moving to wireless.

Is this happening on all software and not just Beat Saber?

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I only have Beat Saber currently, haven't tried any other game yet. I've tried to uninstalled everything and reinstalled it and installed the latest Nvidia Driver as well and still have the same problem. I'm probably going to reformat my computer and see if it helps or not. If anyone else can give me more idea of what can be done, thank you in advance.

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I think I may have fix it. I'm going to continue trying and report my solution. I end up reformating my computer and it work so far. I'm going to assume its either something running in the background or it could have been the old beatsaber mod I had installed. Cause when you recommended me to try budget cuts demo before I reformated and it was working fine on budget cut. So Ill report back and let you know. Thank you for your help VibrantNebula.

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