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No DP on Asus FX505D what adaptor should I use? Cosmos Elite.

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@egolikeness - Are you in the 1050/1050Ti variant of those laptops. The 1050/1050Ti generally isn't VR compatible at all, let alone with current gen HMDs. The 1050Ti is a notorious edge case with first-gen HDMI driven headsets like the original Vive - it really would depend on the system it was installed upon. That said, it's below the modern minimum requirements of a 1060 for the first generation Vive and would certainly be below the system requirements of the Vive Cosmos which are at minimum a GTX1060 (but ideally higher as that is just the hardware minimum and doesn't factor into account modern VR apps which are getting pretty demanding.

There are a number of 505D variants - can't isolate it down further without the full model number. That said I suspect all of these, including the 2060 variant would be incompatible with current gen HMDs as non of them seem to have native Displayport 1.2+ support. If you have the 1050Ti I probably wouldn't even recommend trying a first gen HMD, it's simply about half to about two thirds of the transistor count you need to run VR.

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@egolikeness So that'd fortunately run first gen HMDs (Vive, Oculus CV1, first gen WMR) but I'm not seeing any documentation that says that this laptop line has Displayport 1.2+ support or that the USB-ports have Displayport capacity that's driven by the dGPU. You can try running the question by Asus but I unfortunately think you're limited to first gen HDMI-driven headsets with this laptop.

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