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When I play games, headset sometimes don't show anything


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When I play games, headset sometimes don't show anything.It's not a fixed frequency. Sometimes, my headset monitor turns black and I can't hear any sound. At this time, game music is played from the computer speakers instead of my headphones.And this usually lasts about 10 seconds, and then everything goes back to normal, and my headset is working again.How to fix this problem?



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I have such a problem too. When playing, the glasses suddenly turn off, overload, the sound goes to the computer. Then the points are turned on and the game returns to the points. It has become often lately.


I turned off the power on usb for energy saving, canceled sleep mode for usb. Problem still exists. Tell me how to solve it?

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Hi @Gkana & @Alexcosmos,

Thanks for sharing this and apologies on the issue you're experiencing. In order to identify the exact cause of this, we'll need to grab some more information from you.

  • Does this issue occur in a specific game? Or you found that it's random and occurs during any experiences?
  • Could you share your computer specs? 
  • Confirm that your USB cable is connected to the 3.0 ports.
  • Please submit an issue report and tag "rd_log_request" 
    • Once completed, provide us your Trace No
    • Here are instructions on how to submit an issue report


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