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Help: connecting PC to Vive headset and TV at same time


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Hi. I am connecting the link box to my Lenovo Y700 via HDMI.  The PC has a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (onboard VGA card disabled).  That card has only one HDMI which has to go to the headset.  The rest of the ports I am not familiar with.  Image attached.  The TV I have is a newer model and only has HDMI in.  Can someone help me with what kind of cable I need to then connect from the PC to the TV?

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The ports at the back of your card are:


Displayport      HDMI      Displayport      DisplayPort


What you want is this:


Connect the active displayport to HDMI adapter and use that HDMI connection for your TV. And then use the graphics card HDMI port to go directly to the Vive Breakout box.

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