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Vive Cosmos use on Acer Helios 300 Predator


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Hello. Like many others before me already, I bought the Cosmos without checking about the displayports and my laptop (Acer Helios 300 Predator) has no displayport nor mini displayport but DOES have a USB-C and HDMI (however I have heard many times now that HDMI cant work due to bandwidth issues). I was wondering if anyone knows what I could use to make this work.

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To also note, I got the Cosmos used off of amazon and I never got the mini displayport to displayport cord that was supposed to come with it, so IF I can use it with USB-C do I get a cord that's mini displayport to USB-C or get the mini displayport to displayport cable and a displayport to USB-C adapter?

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  •  We do not offer or stock any sort of USB-C to Displayport adapter as it's very hard to ensure one works across all hardware
  • In the past, we've recommended this adapter as it's proven to be fairly dependable. The key in selecting an adapter is that is has to support 4K @ 60hz which is the bandwidth threshold you need to meet or exceed.
  • There is a minimum of 8 variations of the Predator-300 all with different specs. I clicked around and none of these spec sheets specifically list discrete Displayport support on any of the USB-C ports.
  • I'd highly recommend going into the PhyX panel within your Nvidia control panel and posting a screenshot of it back here before trying to source an adapter. This will show you the port mapping of your PC to the internal hardware. I've posted an example below of a laptop where the Minidisplayport is hooked up to the Nvidia card but the USB-C is only hooked up to the Intel card.
    • If the port mapping shows that your USB-C port is not hooked up to your discrete GPU and only your Intel integrated graphics, your PC is unfortunately incompatible with any Displayport 1.2+ driven headset including Cosmos, Pro, Rift S, and Index. You'd be limited to first-gen HDMI driven headsets.


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