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Made my VIVE Pro much more comfortable with a quick mod


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I always found no matter the adjustment there was more pressure from the bottom of the HMD - under my eyes and on my cheeks - than I'd like. Not after just a lengthy session but as soon as you put it on.

Since the Pro tilts, I wanted a way to be lock it a certain angle while maintaining the seal at the bottom to avoid ambient light. At the same time, I wanted to be able to loosen the back to further reduce the feeling of wearing a headset but keep it secure to move my head.

I jerry-rigged a couple of elastic power supply ties from Dell power cords. By sheer luck the knob on the tie snaps into one of the rectangular holes at the top of the HMD (see pic below). It's small enough that it can be pushed in and pulled out without - as far as I can tell - causing damage but big enough to stay secured and not come out by itself. At the back it's just tied around once locked into the second strap in a hole that resulted in what I felt was best. The nice thing about this is it's adjustable simply using a different hole.

It has honestly made a huge difference for me. As soon as I put it on it immediately made the headset feel lighter and alleviated the pressure off my cheeks. Then I could loosen the back knob to make it feel even less like wearing a headset while keeping it secure enough to move my head. It's exactly how I expect a premium headset to feel, no offense to HTC.

You could obviously use any elastic but if you feel the same way about the bottom of the headset being not particularly comfortable, I'd try a similar approach with the obvious disclaimer that this may affect your warranty and you could break something, though I feel like you'd have to be really clumsy. As to figure out whether this would make it more comfortable for you, you can obviously test it by putting on the headset, adjusting it to what you normally do, and then slowly tilting the HMD upwards to see if there's a distance that relieves the pressure from your face but still seals under your eyes.

It has made an even bigger difference to long sessions which I've been doing in Half Life Alyx. I take the headset off and there's none of that feeling of your skin having been squeezed for hours. It's like I never put it on.

FYI I also use the fake leather replacement front pad and the Gear VR lens mod. To me, this combination of things makes the VIVE Pro look and feel how it should have been out-of-the-box but that's another topic.



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