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Help with setup before purchase

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Hi everyone hope you are all well.

Long story short I am close to pulling the trigger on purchasing a Vive Cosmos Elite.  However I just want to check my setup as I am not 100% sure it will be correct.  Here what my google (No I won't call it research) has bouight me to.

My laptop I own is the Asus Zephyrus GX502GW it does not have a displayport but it does have a USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C with DisplayPort 1.4

If I purchase the Club 3D Adapter USB 3.1 Type C will that mean my setup will display correctly?  If you have any feedback for me while I continue my googling and contacting the people I'll be purchasing it from that would be most helpful.

I cannot find a definative answer on this and it's the only thing holding me back from purchasing the Vive,

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You need to have a USB type C and a Display Port, I'm not sure if a single dongle will do the trick converting both into one thunderbolt cable, It might, but I wouldn't necessarily hold my breath, the dongle may also add some lag to the heaset which I can assure you is not fun. There are some HDMI to Display port Adaptors too though again I can't vouch for Lag.

I'd also recommend running Steam VR Performance Test on your laptop, this should tell you if you have the specs.

Honestly I think @VibrantNebula might be the best person for answers here 😉 I'm sure I saw them recommend a specific dongle a week or two ago but I can't find the post

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Thank you for your reply. The laptop passes all the tests from Vive and steam. 

However I think I'm out of luck. My current findings is the USB C port has to be wired to the graphics card which in my case is 2070. However the USB C port on the laptop is wired to the internal graphics card with is an Intel 630. Unless that problem had changed since that thread was posted. 

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@grumpygrappler - Do you have access to that specific laptop already? If so, I'd recommend checking the settings page detailed in this reply - everything I said there would apply to your specific case. Contacting the manufacture for a confirmation is always the best. That Club3D adapter is the most reliable out of all of the aftermarket adapters we've had experience with.


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Thank you for your help.  Indeed the USB C port only goes into the integrated graphics as shown which really bums me out as the laptop meets more than the spec requirements just the ports let it down.  

Damn Asus and me buying this laptop before I even considered VR.

Again thank you for the help.  I think my only current option is rhymes with Doculus West and a link cable as I don't know if other brands are discussed here 🙂 


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Like I said there are some HDMI to DP converters, but they're not cheap and I don't have any idea what the latency might be

This one from Belkin is $80 https://www.belkin.com/us/p/P-F2CD066/ but I didn't look that hard you might find something suitable. So long as you can get the Steam VR to output to the HDMI Port (which I wouldn't know how to do) it might work but it's also quite an expensive gamble.

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