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Convergence Distance in Eye Tracking SDK (SRanipal) v1.1.0.1

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Dear All,

I am trying to find out if the support for the following parameters have been added in latest SDK i.e. Eye Tracking SDK (SRanipal) v1.1.0.1 as of 2020.  In the previous posts on this forum, it has been reported than they are not supported.

(Att: @Daniel_Y, @Corvus)


public bool convergence_distance_validity;
public float convergence_distance_mm;
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I'm finding the same thing (convergence distance is not implemented). I wanted to use this value to limit the range of a Unity raycast for detecting and recording what object the user is looking at at any given moment. I limit what objects the raycast will detect (don't need to know the user is looking at the sky or a wall) by assigning objects of interest to a specific layer and setting the raycast layermask to that, so most of the time the raycast is looking out to infinity. I figure that's inefficient, but maybe not.

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This function seems to be working fine with Tobii XR SDK. For your work, Tobii’s G2OM implementation of finding gaze focused objects might as well help. I still have to check if both the sdks (SRAnipal and Tobii) can work together. 

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Hi @nbhatia, can you clarify, when you mentioned that Tobii XR SDK works with


was it with the VIVE pro eye system? If yes, did you have to pay to be able to save/use the data from the Tobii XR SDK?

Thanks so much,


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Dear All,

I'm trying to calculate distance between gaze_origin(provided by API) and the target object using following code but the units are not same for these two points. So, how to get same type of coordinate system? 

var d = GameObject.Find("CubeObject").transform.position;

 var combine_gaze = eyeData.verbose_data.combined.eye_data.gaze_origin_mm;

 float dist = Vector3.Distance(d, combine_gaze);


Thanks in advance

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