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Starting Infinity service after releasing the game for a fee


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@Yuuya Masada

Thank you both for your answers.

I might have misunderstood the VIVEPORT SDK.
Do you agree with the following?

If you upload a ZIP file of a game that does not have the VIVEPORT SDK to VIVEPORT, VIVEPORT will do some processing.
Then, the game file downloaded from VIVEPORT can only be started by those who purchased it from VIVEPORT.



私は、VIVEPORT SDKについて勘違いしていたかもしれません。

VIVEPORT SDKを導入していないゲームのZIPファイルをVIVEPORTにアップロードすると、VIVEPORT側で何かしらの処理を行う。

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You are correct. You can upload a ZIP without VIVEPORT SDK to VIVEPORT.
This game can only be downloaded from VIVEPORT and only can be played when user is LOGGED IN to VIVEPORT (DRM protection).
(same for Infinity members, they can only download previously purchased OR viveport infinity titles and MUST be LOGGED IN to play)

VIVEPORT SDKを含まないビルドZIPをそのまま、アップロードいただくことができます。

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