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HTC Vive Cosmos Elite - red light not works

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Hi Hello,

Today I received my HTC Cosmo Elite. But I have the idea that something is not good at all.
When I open SteamVR or VivePort and I move with the headset I can see on the screen everything is good and it moves. But there is no video or display on the headset it selfs. Also the light stays red.

I installed all and reinstalled 3 4 times.

What I noticed is that he first updates something like 600MB after that 150MB and then he want to starts to download something of 1200MB and that he does skip. Then it goes directly to the setup. After that it says it couldnt be installed succesffully.

Its very sad that I cant used it and was working on it the whole day. Why is the red on the headset red? I updates also all drivers on Steam and steams says its working perfectly. But There is no display.. 

I also tried different USB Ports and different Display Port inputs. 

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19 minutes ago, C.T. said:

check this 

I did see it, but there is no solution in there.. I don't know what to do.. I really tried for hours but no solution, its like the install of update of 1200mb he can't download it. The 600 MB and 150MB he does download. Is it possible that the headset is bricked or something? Is there a reset way? I don't know what to try more.. I hope you can help me.

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The update where it says 1200MB he skips it, and cant download then he gives the setup. After setup it says whoops not everything could be downloaded.. please help 😞


i deleted it and tried again installing but no luck.. 






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Got same problem, but I had a moment were the final installation started but never finished, the red light went yellowish(dim green?) made me hopeful. But unfortunately still doesn't work.

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