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Vive - Screen glitching somethimes, no vibrations/voices from Left Controller


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For quite a long time i am trying to deal with a problem that somehow happened on my left controller, when it doesnt vibrate, controller doesnt show a sound when i turn it up, and it sometimes just dies instantly when i walk forward.

I tried looking at the internet and i couldnt find a single solution and im still dealing with this problem for months.

And another problem has occurred where my HTC Vive screen is sometimes glitching and flickering whenever i turn my head around, or whenever i lay on my bed , and it even comes almost every time. it sometimes goes blank.

-  resetted SteamVR and re-installing it, nothing happened.

-  re-connected and replaced all the cables of the link box, nothing happened.

-  restarted my computer, nothin happened.

-  tried looking for driver updates, it was all up to date.

can someone please help me solve this? 

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