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Fade to black


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I am looking for a way to fade my scene to black, fade in and fade out.

Is there something available?

Do I have to use overlays?

I first only wanted to turn my scene in black by changing the background color of the camera and dimming all the lights but the background color is not accessible once the cameras are expanded?

Thanks for your help,



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Just wondering if there are any updates for Focus 3 / Unreal 4.26 / Wave SDK on how to do screen tints / fades.

The "Fade Out" feature in the Wave SDK isn't usable in my case, because I don't want to close our VR app, and also need the ability to fade in, control the fade duration, as well as fade to a specified opacity and color.

I've also tried using the "Splash Screen" bluerprint nodes (Splash Screen — Wave VR 4.4.0 documentation (vive.com)) with a background color and a placeholder image (I don't actually want an image, just the solid color tint) - this looked sort of promising, but when I tried calling SetSplashParam every frame to do a fade, the fade was only updating at a few FPS so not really a convincing fade effect.

The current idea I'm considering is having a translucent plane in front of the camera (only when a fade needs to happen).

The only other thing that comes to mind is modifying all materials in the UE4 project to have a fade / tint function, which isn't too appealing.

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Hi all,

Splash Screen still seem to be the best option to animate fade in/out to a colour (by doing SetSplashParams() followed by ShowSplashScreen() on tick/timer).

The jerky/jittery/low fps effect you get is actually caused by the texture format used by the splash screen in: WaveVR\Private\WaveVRSplash.cpp (line 274).
It by default uses PF_A2B10G10R10 which only has 2 bits for alpha = 2^2 = 4 different possible alpha values which isn't enough for this use. 

You can switch to another format has more alpha bits such as: PF_B8G8R8A8, and you'll be able to get smooth fade in/out animations using the wave vr splash screen.

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