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Adapters for EU plugs


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I was recently gifted a VIVE BE. When I opened the box, the AC adapters were all for EU outlets (two round prongs). I spoke with online chat support, but the conversation went a bit in circles. My question: can I use travel adapters to convert the AC adapters to US outlets? Or, can I purchase official US AC adapters for the VIVE brand and have them work with my link box/base stations? The current adapters read 100-240V~500mA 50-60Hz.


I appreciate any useful direction on this.

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@Lumi - travel adapters do work with the stations as long as it's supplying the anticipated 110-240v at 50/60hz. I know lots of developers who were globetrotting pre-covid who relied heavily on travel adapters. Read the input on the power adapter and just try to match it - the Vive ones have an input range of 110-240v which is critical for the US/EU conversion.

We don't normally sell the replacement adapters on our public facing site. If you require them - I can send an escalation to an EU-based manager to see if they can vend you them in the backend but everything is obviously more complex right now due to COVID.

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