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considering which vr headset suitable for ill-striken mom

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My mother has been stricken with mild from brain stroke as well as dementia (progressive brain damage similar to alzheimer) and in hospital bed. During this extraordinary difficult moment, to make her further living moments as peaceful and positive as possible, I am considering to get her a VR headest. Since I favor HTC over Facebook one based on my past exiperience I am sort of contemplating. Here are some of the reqs:

- already ruled out low-end crappy one at 20-50$ price with blurry images.

- high quality like htc vive which I connected to GTX1080 however this would be overkill since I am not letting her play game obsviously.

- Somewhere in the middle between above two, superior image quality like the one HTC VIVE but no need for GTX1080 I am mostly showing her photographs, soothing music, and 360 images. During pandemic period, the many national parks are offering virtual tours so something like that would be ideal. 

- I am opting out wired one connecting to CPU instead wireless one. I would really prefer compact cordless one as possible to make setup uncomplicated. 

- Overal design should be very gentle to her head since her condition is all brain related. 

I havent fully researched all available modes but if you are well versed, please post your opinon. 

Thanks for input. 




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I would think a VR headset would cause mild disorientation and nausea to any person, much worse for someone who is unwell. But I know where you are coming from as its a great way to "explore the world" (in virtual reality at least) for someone who is confined to a bed or immobile. Not knowing if your mom can adapt to viewing things in 3D comfortably, maybe you can consider something like the Oculus Quest for a start as its wireless and portable. Perhaps getting the digital audio strap would make the headset less front-heavy and improve overall comfort while providing a boost in audio quality. A tethered HMD is not practical. As you have said, viewing videos or photographs or listening to music are the main reasons for getting a VR headset so you don't need a too  high-end tethered setup for that.    

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