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Wave SDK for Unreal Engine now also available on Github


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The Wave SDK for Unreal Engine is now also available on Github:


So far, the Wave SDK for developers using Unreal Engine has been available only on the Vive Developer Website. We decided to release the WaveVR plugin for Unreal Engine as a public Github repository. This will allow developers to report bugs or suggest enhancements using Github Issues allowing us to get feedback from the developer community.

Developers can also create Pull Requests to suggest bug fixes. The Vive team will review the pull requests and follow up with the developers that created them, but the actual merge will temporarily take place internally and not directly on GitHub. The repository will then be updated to include those bug fixes.


  • The Github repository contains a different branch for each version of Unreal Engine so developers don't need to pick a specific Wave version, only the version of Unreal Engine that they are using. This should make the process of integrating the WaveVR plugin to Unreal Engine more intuitive.
  • The repository comes with a full Unreal Engine sample project (plugin.uproject) and the WaveVR plugin is already pre-installed in the Plugins folder. This means that if you want to use the WaveVR plugin in your own project you can simply copy the WaveVR folder from the Plugins folder to your own project's Plugins folder.
  • Only official version releases are pushed to GitHub. Developers will still be able to access the older Wave versions using tags & releases.





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