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Which Powerbank is PROVED to be compatible with wireless COSMOS?

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I know this has been asked but I can't seem to find a definitive answer as in which exact Powerbank can support Cosmos.

Cosmos uses 21W battery. However out of all the QuickCharge 3.0 batteries I've checked, all of them only provides 12V 1.5A which is 18W.

There are some batteries offering higher W but those are PowerDelivery standard, but not QuickCharge. And I'm not sure if Cosmos supports PD.

So down to the very question. Which exact brand and model number of PowerBank have you tried and can be 100% certain that it support Cosmos?

NOT talking about OG Vive. 

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3 minutes ago, Shipmate said:

I have an anker Powerspeed 2000 Quick charge (model A1278). Works great without any problems with HTC Vice Cosmos.

Thanks. Your reply eliminated my anxiety over the waiting period, knowing that I placed a good bet. lol

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I have the anker 26800 works great, The original Vive one has worked well for me to.

The charging brick that comes with the anker can directly power the unit as well if you just want to sit down and game.

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5 hours ago, demonslayer said:

The original Vive one has worked well for me to.

No, the 18W battery will not work for Cosmos. It can turn on the Cosmos, but once the headset tracks the controllers the headset will turn off due to insufficient power. It might be okay for sim games where you don't need the controllers?

Or you have a special Cosmos I don't know.

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2 minutes ago, demonslayer said:

I have the cosmos elite it worked fine with the cosmos elite...

Oh yes, Elite doesn't have to do inside-out tracking using the six cameras so it consumes less power - tracking is done by the base stations. But if you're using ordinary Cosmos like us the poor souls then definitely it needs 21W battery.

Thanks for the reply though.

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On 5/22/2020 at 5:05 PM, lamyipming said:

Ok, after some research I have decided to purchase Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 (Aanker A1278), QC version, not PD version.

Expected to be delivered in a week.

Will come back to report if it worked.

Ok, it worked. 

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