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Request for trouble-shooting of upside-down mounted VIVE BaseStations(2.0) 


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Because of my room environment, I mounted the VIVE BaseStations(2.0 / 4ea) upside-down.
So, the LEDs of basestations face to the floor Now.

After the STEAMVR Room Calibration, only two of basestations seem to be in place in VR.

The others seem to be connected to STEAMVR, but they are not in place in VR.

Do I have to make sure to mount the basestations upright?

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@AppleParfait - No, you can mount 2.0 stations are pretty much any angle you want. Just as long as you do roomsetup with the stations in their final place - you should be fine. The position solve may be inaccurate due to something like an environmental reflections for instance if you have a shiny floor. If you're mounting them straight down - a potential reflection has a lower angle of incidence and directs straight back rather than at an angle so reflections can be more dramatic.

Is each of the station on a separate channel? Another cause of this is if the stations are duplicating their broadcast channel.

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