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Vive resolution when using eye tracking

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Hi all,

I have a very pixel sensitive application. As in, it expects a specific pixel output width/height in order to look correct. 

From what I can tell, the Vive Pro Eye outputs at 2036x2260 when I set the Render Resolution to auto in the settings. This works and my application looks fine when I configure it for this resolution.

However, when I turn on eye tracking, my application now looks wrong when viewed in the headset, but still okay when mirrored on my monitor.

In the two images, you can see that there is a line when I take a picture of the inside of the headset, but it's not in the Unity editor. This is the issue I am talking about. The other time I have replicated this issue is when purposefully giving a false resolution value to my application in testing.

Does the resolution change when using eye tracking and if so, can anyone tell me what the resolution is? Unity is still saying 2036x2260.


Many thanks,



Picture8 (2).png


@Corvus @Daniel_Y

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