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Cosmos Public Release


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On 7/18/2020 at 1:02 PM, Beta_Tester said:

Ok, so you are comparing a released product against previews of an unreleased product? You cannot compare the two - that is just silly!!

I love the Cosmos - apart from the tracking. It's definitely better now - I find it acceptable. I don't expect perfection but it works for 95% of the time. I also have wireless, and couldn't move back to wired headsets, so am staying with Vive for the time being.

Hopefully the Reverb G2 will be good as the Windows Mixed Reality platform has really struggled.

Yes, agreed, the Reverb G2 is not released yet. But the previews are not being set in the same circumstances as the Cosmos and it's looking good thus far. If I remember the Cosmos previewers had to go to HTC specified locations with set lighting and playing set games. It was released and all hell broke loose because of the real world environment wasn't anything like their preview environment. HTC knew it was a mess at that time, it was obvious.

And also agreed that the Cosmos would be a perfectly good headset without the tracking issue(s.). But my biggest problem is that the tracking is so sensitive to your environmental conditions - you can be fine 95% of the time but another person can barely getting it working because their environment is different. HTC then patch it and it becomes better for one person but worse for another (just look at the range of comments on here). It's a lose lose situation for them.

Not picking a fight on this one and I do take your point about the wireless, I just think this headset was a con from the start for so many buyers - there was nothing initially to say you had to have any kind of environment to use the thing satisfactorily. They then conned the previewers and (to crown this achievement) the general public. And it gave pre-orders a bad name.

P.S. If the Reverb G2 does turn out to be a fail, I'll come on here and eat humble pie.

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Hi I have the Vive Cosmos Vr set. On your site I was curious about, you mentioned that the VIVE Wireless Adapter sometimes gives errors on the AMD chipset. My computer system has Asus Pro X570 motherboard. I was wondering if this model motherboard failed during your tests. Based on this situation, I will order the VIVE Wireless Adapter or wait.

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