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Lip Tracker Module


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Helllo, my name is Lance Mungia I am a feature filmmaker with theatrically released films from Lions Gate and Dimension Films.  I directed, wrote and produced Six String Samurai and The Crow IV.

I am in process of starting a motion VP studio to produce a sequel to Six String Samurai.  I have purchased a Vive Eye Pro and am interested in a lip tracking solution for my Vive headset.  Rumor has it developers can get the lip tracking solution you have created for experimentation purposes.  I would love to get my hands on one and if it works well it will be all over my first virtually produced feature film.

any chance I can snag one?



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We are researcher, and we are really interested in integrating lip tracking for our research. I can explain in more details our research (VR applied to psychology and virtual humans), how can we apply for it?

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I have a very tiny VR company in Tacoma, Washington. I have also talked directly with a Enterprise Account Executive for Seattle but they went dark so I don't know if they left or what? Either way, we are anticipating converting our inventory to the HP Intercept unless HTC has something competitive to offer this round. Getting ahold of a lip tracker would allow us to start with all the bells and whistles for our upcoming products than tacking it all on later.

Thanks for any help in advance. 


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