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Unexpected Z-fighting on the Focus Plus


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I'm working on a project using Unity 2018.3.10 and WaveSDK 3.1.6. There are several objects in my main scene that render perfectly fine when running off my desktop, but experience significant z-fighting when running on the Focus Plus. Some of the objects that are z-fighting are almost 1 cm apart. It makes the whole scene look terrible, especially because this also happens where any two meshes intersect. All of these objects are using the standard Unity shader. Is this a known issue? Is there anything I can do to reduce the z-fighting (aside from restructuring my scene)?

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@tedw4rd Also, here's some tips you can try:




Z-fighting happens because two or more surfaces are at the place with almost the same depth (looking from the camera).

The renderer pipeline need to check which surface is near, and which surface is far, but it fails to correctly distinguish this information.

Intuitively, there are two easy ways to reduce the z-fighting issue.


  • Separate these surfaces apart.

In the demo you shows, the z-fighting issue happens on the text and the board.

It’s easy to fix by moving the text forward a little bit, rather than putting it exactly on the board surface.


  • Increase the precision of depth buffer.

Increase precision of depth buffer also helps the rendering pipeline to distinguish nearer and further surfaces.


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Bundling up the relevant scene is going to be really difficult at the moment. However, I have two planes that are parallel and 0.02 units apart that are z-fighting right now. I also have some meshes that actually intersect that have z-fighting along the intersection.


Even though the intersection is on the orange line, I'll still see z-fighting out to the purple line.


I guess it would make sense that this is a floating point precision issue. I'll give some of these tips a try.

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I've been messing around with this for a while now and I'm still having z-fighting troubles. Typically my view frustrum is only 500 units deep (0.1 to 500), but even when I reduce it to 10 units (0.1 to 10) I still see all sorts of flickering. According to a few tests I've done, the camera is rendering to a RenderTexture with a 24-bit depth buffer. I'm not sure how to increase the precision any more.

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