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How to get values of eye position and head motion simultaneously?

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    For my project,I would obtain and desplay the numerical values of eye position (view point,e.g, gaze position, pupil size) and head motion (roll, pitch,yaw)simultaneously.And by using these values, to control a robot or a computer agent in real time.

    At present, I have seen the vision image from RICOH R in VIVE pro eye. The structure of the entire model is shown below. If you have any suggestions, please contact me, thank you! @Corvus @Daniel_Y



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 Hello @Corvus,

How to get eye movement data through the SDK?I use the HTC Pro instrument. In the SDK, i found some eye movement data code, but i want to know how to extract it.thank you so much!

public struct SingleEyeData


                /** The bits containing all validity for this frame.*/

                public System.UInt64 eye_data_validata_bit_mask;

                /** The point in the eye from which the gaze ray originates in meter miles.(right-handed coordinate system)*/

                public Vector3 gaze_origin_mm;

                /** The normalized gaze direction of the eye in [0,1].(right-handed coordinate system)*/

                public Vector3 gaze_direction_normalized;

                /** The diameter of the pupil in meter miles*/

                public float pupil_diameter_mm;

                /** A value representing how open the eye is.*/

                public float eye_openness;

                /** The normalized position of a pupil in [0,1]*/

                public Vector2 pupil_position_in_sensor_area;

                public bool GetValidity(SingleEyeDataValidity validity)


                    return (eye_data_validata_bit_mask & (ulong)(1 << (int)validity)) > 0;



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