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installer hangs after logging into Viveport


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I'm trying to install the Vive Pro software for the Pro Eye.  When it requires me to log into Vive Port, opens the browser, and I sign in I get this error message:

SGNGX: File not found (404)

I tried using different browsers, disabling the anti-virus & ad blockers and still get the same result.  I am not sure whether Windows Defender may be at fault.  I am at a loss here.

Windows 10 Pro, build 19041
Intel i7-8700
used latest version of Firefox, Google Chrome and new Microsoft Edge with no success.

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@DanDudeAmiga @bym051d @VividDori - There isn't alot of info here indicating at which stage the hand is occurring but generally when people refer to hanging with this installer, it's Steam downloading something massive in the background.

If you already have SteamVR installed, I'd recommend using this installer for Pro eye - it contains all of the req'ed runtimes and tools required to drive Pro eye.

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On 6/14/2020 at 3:30 PM, bym051d said:

This exact error is happening to me. I was going to give it a little bit and see if they fix their problem.


How did you fix the problem?

It is showing me 6% upload, ask for log-in my HTC account, and when I choose my google account it shows "

SGNGX: File not found (404)"
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"Tree year later..." and it's still happening -

SGNGX: File not found (404)

using either Steam account or Vive account.

But as i was writing the post, and after many attempts...  it actually worked on it's own ! and i received the " Congratulations! You have signed in successfully to your VIVEPORT account. " message on a blank browser page address http://localhost:51418

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