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Microsoft Intune VIVE Wireless application distribution fails to install as system context


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We are deploying out VIVE Wireless through MDM system Microsoft Intune.
We have also set dependency to install SteamVR both as system context.


SteamVR installed completely fine without giving the end user local admin rights, BUT VIVE Wireless is not able to install on end user device without local admin rights, we have tried to set it both as USER context and SYSTEM context.
When we are sending the app as system context from Microsoft Intune, we are getting error message "VIVE Wireless needs SteamVR installed first." 


If we change the user to local admin and send it out through Microsoft Intune it works fine.
This is a major issue due to we cannot roll-out admin rights for 100 users when updating the package.

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@wilz In your specific case, I would recommend copying your query to support.enterprise@htc.com - this certainly falls under their domain of support. In some cases, the UAC requirements may be out of our domain and may actually be a result of 2nd party requirements. The Wireless adapter is a partnership product with 2 other companies (Intel, and Displaylink) - sometimes what happens is that these 2nd party runtimes/tools can have installers or components which require UAC permissions that extend beyond what our installer/wrapper/runtimes require. Enterprise support would have the best answer for you.


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