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VIVE Pro Wireless camera does not start up again after losing tracking


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I'm having issues where my vive pro wireleess camera does not start up again after I lose tracking. Whenever I lose tracking, steamvr runs into a critical error if I have a hand tracking application running. This only happens with the wireless unit, it works just fine when wired. You can easily replicate this by doing the following:
1. testing the camera in steamvr settings and verifying that the camera image updates properly

2. have the headset / wireless linkbox lose tracking (cover the headset or move it to another room)

3. checking steamvr camera settings and notice that the image is frozen, and the camera has not rebooted.

Ive tested this on multiple systems with several headsets and it happens every time. Its completely preventing me from using hand tracking. 

If anyone else can reproduce this and confirm this issue, that'd be greatly appreciated.


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