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How do you set/swap dominant hand?


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I'm having problems with some titles insisting on using the left hand as the primary controller (I'm right handed), or in some cases the having the hands back to front. They all 'claim' to support Vive Cosmos.

Is there a way of setting or swapping the dominant hand on the controllers. I've trawled the settings and can't find anything. Though I'm not ruling out it being right in front of me.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

I'm using the Vive Cosmos (not the Elite).

Thank you.

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@drevyluk I haven't heard of that one before. Can you please provide an example or two of an application where that's happening and what platform you're using to download it?

Generally speaking, "handedness" is handled by each and every single application individually. The vast majority of games are designed to be right-handed dominant and not many developers actually go through and commit the resources to make "handedness" an settings option, but some do (i.e. PIstol Whip).

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'Trials on Tatooine' is insisting on only letting me use the left hand and 'Spiderman Homecoming' is the one with the reversed hands.

They both happened consecutively so I wasn't sure if it was a problem with setup or the config of the device. I'm VERY new to VR, but getting the hang of it.

They are both on Viveport as I'm taking advantage of the free trial that came with the Cosmos.

If it's just the apps then that's a shame but possibly they aren't as compatible with the Cosmos as they claim.

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