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Setting up 360 video streaming for 20 person

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I'm planning a setup where 20 people will view using a VR headset a 360 video. 

- inside out tracking will work in this case? 

- autonomous headset will be the best, but fear the trouble of them being discharged and out of service, will make sense to have them sitten with a wired one? 

- since will be for an event someway we need to secure people cannot unplug the HMD and ruin the setup, there is any system to secure the DP and USB so not being unpluggable? 

- from the hw point of view I suppose there is needed some splitter for the DP so to feed all with the same signal, but it's not clear to me how we can manage the USB multiple connections. 

- from the sw point of view the traditional Vive Console + SteamVR setup appear to me prone to problems, there is anything more streamlined for just 360 videos? 

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Ok returning on the topic.

Just sent back an autonomous headset evaluated for 360 videos, since does have great visuals but lack in term of audio, didn't allow any real interaction and have some other minor problems.

Was reading about the Cosmos Play to be positioned just for this kind of "enterprise demo experience" activities.

My question remains still the same: suppose I have more than two Cosmos (Play or whatever, but not the Elite), and I need them to control 3DoF movements (i.e. into a 360 experience with pre-defined shifts into different positions into the simulated environment), will be possible to connect them to a single PC?

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@davide445 Cosmos play is canceled, there will only be the Stock Cosmos and the Elite. You really can't connect more than 1 HMD to a desktop in a practical way. If you're just doing 360 playback, standalone headsets are better for mass deployment due to their self-contained nature.

Unity's built in interactive 360 tools will satisfy most use-cases in general but it has limited platform support.

Per the pre-defined shifts, there aren't a ton of fully baked out solutions for that. Liquid Cinema has a tool for this... (demo). I'm sure you could just use scripting to rotate the UV sphere in Unity or Unreal to accomplish this against the timeline but I couldn't find any example code or projects. You may want to ask on the 360 Video professionals group on FB.

At the end of the day - you can always integrate networking and other generic development tools into your project to get what you want. When it comes to 360 video, the pre-built choices are more limited simply because 360 content hasn't been able to generate meaningful revenue for many creators and so the tooling is alot more fragmented. In many ways, Youtube has dominated 360 just by being ever present.

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