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Does the cosmos controllers work with base stations, can you extend the cable?


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1: I bought a cosmos with its included controls. I find the tracking to be so-so, if I buy the faceplate and 2x HTC Vive Base Station 2.0 (or the "normal" base station) can I still use the vive controllers or do I need to get different controllers aswell? Can I expect significant tracking improvement?

2: I have a spare room that would be ideal to set aside for vr, but I do not wish to move my computer or resort to wireless, is there any official or third party extention cable available that will give me another 5-10 meters?

3: I was unable to get the unit working on windows 7 and had to install a copy of windows 10 to get it running. Can it work on windows 7?

Thanks for the help

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Id like to know about the cable also, i doubt there is,  but you could try to look for some longer cables for the usb 3.0 and dp to mini dp cables that connects to your computer. and just have the link box in the same room near a power point. (that would probably be easier to find then the all in one cable going from the headset to the linkbox. As for compatibility you will have to look into that one.

Once you put the tracking faceplate on the original cosmos controllers wont work, You will need to get some base station compatible controllers (knuckles, vive controller ect)

get 1.0 base stations if the room is smaller then 3.5m X 3.5m - 2.0 base stations for bigger rooms  up to 5x5m

No it is not compatible with windows 7, windows 10 really isn't that bad



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