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Hello from Big Dumb Fun Games!


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Hi there Stephen and the Vive Dev community!


Mark here from Big Dumb Fun Games. We've just shipped our first VR title to Steam for their review (should launch on Tuesday as things currently stand), which means I finally have a spare moment, so I thought I'd write a quick note to introduce myself and Big Dumb Fun Games.  :)


I live in Sydney. I've been working in the indie scene since 2009. Cut my teeth in iOS games before moving on to PC games. Did that until VR caught my imagination in a big way, at which point I made the decision to make a determined move into VR game development and started Big Dumb Fun Games.


Late last year, we released a Proof of Concept Episode for STRANGE ALLIES, which is our flagship project (an episodic RPG), on WEARVR.com and VRDB.com. The STRANGE ALLIES POC Episode was very well received and has a reasonable following. We're currently letting that "percolate" and build its following before (most likely) we run a crowdfunding campaign to develop the funding needed to make the 6 episodes of Season 1—we don't currently have the budget to do it justice.


While STRANGE ALLIES has been percolating away, we shifted our focus to another, related but separate game, VR0GU3. It started out as an experiment in random level generation for STRANGE ALLIES, but soon developed into something of a rogue-like shooter, which turned out to be really fun. Geared around a 15-minute play time to better suit the growing VR Cafe market, we decided it was strong enough to stand on its own two feet and this is the game we're releasing right now on Steam.  :)


Last year ended with a bang for Big Dumb Fun Games when we won Best Upcoming Role Playing Game for STRANGE ALLIES in VRDB.com's 2016 VR of the Year Awards. That was both very unexpected and amazing, particularly when considering the caliber of the compeition!


At any rate, between the launch of VR0GU3 and our plans for STRANGE ALLIES, it's fair to say 2017 promises to be a very big year for me and the Big Dumb Fun Games team.


I'll end by wishing you all a happy New Year, and I look forward to getting to know you all via these forums (and maybe even one day in person).  :)



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