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At Rest question

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Question on headset power cycle

If SteamVR/Vive Console are disabled/not running and HMD plugged in, is the HMD itself still have power on creating heat/wear and tear?

Should i be unplugging Power to HMD if not using it overnight or for a few hours?   --+> If so add a power switch to the Power/HMD converter box in the future - pref one toggleable via the PC....


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  • The headset itself doesn't have a Li-Ion battery so there's no memory effect to be worried about
  • There is a trickle of energy that flows through the headset while in standby and a bit of heat may be generated by that resistance. The effect of that on the wear/tear of the headset is negligible and it would take many many years for that to start to add up and deteriorate.
  • The original Cosmos SKU ships withwith a linkbox with a power switch. Customers complained about it and so for Elite, the linkbox was swapped for an inline converter.

I generally recommend stashing your headset when not in use for a few reasons:

  • Helps prevent: accidental sun exposure to the lenses, moister/water exposure, power surges, falls due to the cable being yanked and reduces dust buildups.

I store all of my HMD in Sterallite 17qt containers. Everything is standardized and safe from water/dust.

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