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VIU update: support for the OpenVR XR plugin!


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3 minutes ago, chengnay said:

@mindless2831 You should be able to use SteamVR Plugin v2.6.1 with latest OpenXR Plugin and VIU.

You guys are insanely fast to reply, even at all hours of the morning. Thank you. Ok, so I have 2.6.1 installed, and had to do the uncheck Enable VR checkbox in the settings to get rid of the infinite import loop. Seems to be ok, but when building it disables vr for standalone builds. That's fine, not y'alls plugins. Ok, so now I need to install preview 2 of the open xr plugin, but the link the top is broken, and I am assuming this newest update yesterday still doesn't support preview 5? Could you please give me a new link as I can't find preview 2 which is still required from what I understand?

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3 minutes ago, chengnay said:

With latest VIU, you should be able to download OpenVR XR Plugin package(v1.0.1) from VIU Settings (Edit>Preferences>VIU Settings).

Are you using VIU v1.12.0?


I am located in Taiwan, it is 2pm here ^^

Wow what a difference a day makes. So it's out of preview as of yesterday I guess? So I need to now install VIU first and install the open xr plugin through the VIU settings? So SteamVR 2.6.1, OpenVR XR Plugin 1.0.1, and the new VIU 1.12.0? Do I need to do any of the other black screen patches or any of that?

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On 9/17/2020 at 1:27 AM, chengnay said:

@mindless2831 I never heard of the black screen patches.

Please follow below steps,

1. Import VIU v1.12.0

2. Install OpenVR XR Plugin v1.0.1 from VIU Settings

3. There should be a warning message telling you to install SteamVR Plugin in VIU Settings, click the button next to it.


If you run into any issue do let me know, thanks!

I had this all working, but started a new project because things went weird. Now, with VIU 1.12 installed, the version of SteamVR it's trying to install is instead of the OpenVR XR Plugin v1.0.1... I dunno if something changed on your end but that definitely doesn't work. Can you provide a direct link to that plugin, as I can't find a download for it anywhere online and it's the only one that truly works with the XR Management System. It would also help for longevity purposes because this is what comes up when you search for it. Thanks again for all of your help!

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@mindless2831 To get the latest SteamVR Unity Plugin (v2.6.1), please click on the link.

In VIU Settings, it will show OpenVR XR Plugin button first, after you install it then SteamVR button will show up after you check the OpenVR checkbox.



NOTE: VIU v1.12.0 will download beta version as SteamVR Unity Plugin v2.6.1 was not released yet when VIU v1.12.0 was released

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  • 2 years later...

I am testing the possibility to switch my projects to OpenXR and have one project for both Vive and Quest. But I can't get the popup keyboard for the InputField to work. Neither in my own scene with the OverlayKeyboardSample script, nor in the UGUI example scene. I tried both Android (Quest) and Windows (Vive) build platforms, but neither works.

In the 'traditional' VR (as far as I remember) it worked right out of the box on the Vive, using the SteamVR plugin and I got it to work on the quest by setting Requires System Keyboard to true in the OVRManager. But with OpenXR neither the SteamVR plugin, nog the Oculus Integration package are needed anymore.

So how can I get the popup keyboard to work? Do I need to set a scripting parameter? Or something in the Player settings?

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