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Tips & Tricks: improve your VIVE experience


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Over the years there's been a few DIY improvments made to HMDs. 

if you have any ideas to improve the experience let me know...  


Here's a couple to start of with....


1.)  Wear loose long shorts with deep pockets...  why ?   You can place the controllers in your pockets when you need your hands free..  the pockets act just like pistol holsters. 


2.)   Reduce screen door effect : This is a hack I carried out on an Oculus -   to Improve screen fidelity  try  lplacing a " 3M privacy screen "  for a computer monitor :  3M • MFR Item # PF23.0W9   on top of the Vive screen.  I've tested a few screen overlays and the 3M" makes a huge difference....  My Vive  now has a 20-30% improvment in resolution.. no more screen door.




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