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upgrade from 1st generation? Cosmos, Pro or stay


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I have had the HTC vive for a long time. Then the Pro came along and decided it wasnt worth the price.

Now I am at a point that I do not use the VR as much as I should be, mostly due to wires, and had a HDMI issue on startup ( boot screen went to VIVE instead of monitor)

Have not looked at VIVE since pro release.

Another issue is cables and headsets, both are kind of a pain when launching vive .

So am I better off upgrading to a pro or cosmos?

Seen that the Pro dropped in price (even though I cannot find it for 600$ anywhere)

PC can handle about anything, did full PC upgrade recently.

Is there any version 3 coming down the road ?

Any idea on selling old Vive headset if I upgrade?

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The COSMOS ELITE is a replacement and up to date version of the PRO with higher resolution and ability to do standard VR, and AUGMENTED REALITY no other headset I'm aware of can do BOTH THINGS! And HTC have said they'd look at future plates for the COSMOS, my guess EYE TRACKING there is a VIVE PRO EYE that has eye tracking. There's no reason one can't come for the ELITE!

Technically the COSMOS ELITE is the best headset on the market, people say index but that's only because the INDEX has (Slightly higher HZ and FOV)   -Talking headset only not controllers-

Also the COSMOS ELITE recently appeared on AMAZON so that's another dent to INDEX, amazon has a 2 year warranty, unlimited replacements or money back UPTO 2 years, if you're in the UK that's 6 YEARS.. yes 6 years warranty! And next day delivery on the headset (you have 30 days to send back the old one)

Unlike crappy INDEX where they had to refund tons of people due to lies about what systems it could use, (example) claiming it could run on the AMD 290+ and NVIDIA EQUIVALENT (false information from valve) it couldn't... but the COSMOS ELITE CAN the COSMOS ELITE can use old graphics cards without issues.  (Keep note, being used is different to requirements for games) each game has it's own system requirements.


If you've got the money you can smash all headset builds out;


Cosmos Elite + Wireless + Index Controllers = Best setup, 

^ That's more expensive than buying a single full kit, but it's worth it for the best combination 



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Wondering if the Cosmos elite is compatible with the Origional Base stations and controllers. Then can do upgrading but just not all at once.

I also heard that the Cosmos is not for gamers. and more for general use.

Do not really need a kit now, would like to go wireless in future. But with all the upgrades and not having a good place to sell current kit its I don't think I can get my wife on board.

Need to buy one item at a time.

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