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Unreal Engine 4: Using 2 Vive Trackers Simultaneously


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Hi, Currently I am trying to build VR program using Unreal Engine 4 and want to use 2 Vive trackers as the replacement for the Vive Controllers for tracking the user's hand (Vive Controllers would be turn off to prevent such limitation explained in the forum). I already read more details from the forum posted by Marios Bikos, but there is something that I'm still confused about. So far I  only able to make a Vive Tracker appear on the virtual environment, the other one is not showing at all.

  • Does it mean I can use 2 Vive trackers simultaneously when I turn off all the Vive Controllers?
  • When I follow your tutorial, the UE will only detect 1 Vive tracker. Is it because I use Vive Tracker on Camera on SteamVR settings?
  • Should we use Vive Tracker on Camera instead the Vive Tracker Settings in SteamVR for build a VR program in UE4?

Please give me some more explanation regarding integrating 2 vive trackers on UE4 if it need more aditional step or settings to make it works.

Thank you


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Hi there,

you should be able to use 2 trackers in Unreal Engine simultaneously. You need to make sure each vive tracker has a different role in the SteamVR Menu (e.g Left hand, right hand) and also in Unreal Engine you need 2 Motion Controller Components. One Motion Controller Component should use Special 1 and the other one Special 2.

So if you followed my video tutorial, make sure you assign Special 1 for left tracker for example and Special 2 for right tracker in SteamVR Menu.

So to recap:

  • Add 1x Motion Controller for right Tracker with Motion Source Special 1, and 1x Motion Controller for left tracker with Motion Source: Special 2
  • In SteamVR Menu make sure you assign different role to each tracker, e.g Tracker Held in Hand with Left Hand for the left one and Tracker Held in Hand with Right hand for the right one.
  • In SteamVR Menu for each tracker make sure the pose is following Special 1(right) and Special 2(left).


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