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How to contact HTC Vive Customer Care (globally)


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Hello everyone,


While this forum exists to share issues you may have with the HTC Vive or Viveport, often especially in hardware issues we have to refer you to our dedicated Customer Care team. I wanted to put this post together to list all the Customer Care contact points as a reference.


Before you contact Customer Care


Make sure you've checked these links before reaching out to Customer Care. You may save yourself valuable time.


SteamVR Help Wizard - Valve's help site for SteamVR will take you step-by-step through the process of trying to figure out what might be going on with your Vive. Every error message is listed here, along with the other main areas where you might have a problem.


SteamVR support - Valve's SteamVR other support page. Valve makes the SteamVR software which powers the Vive, so often you may find solutions here too.


Vive Support - Our own Vive Support pages will take you through basic installation of your Vive, troubleshooting and more. Lots of questions answered here. There are localized versions of these pages too, listed below:


US English support

French support

French Canadian support

German support

Russian support

Japan support

Korea support

China support

Taiwan support


When should you contact Customer Care?


If you've looked around the support pages and perhaps posted here with no solutions, please reach out to our Customer Care team directly.


Please note: If you have purchased your Vive from a retailer directly and have issues with it, we would advise you to return to that retailer in the first instance.


Customer Care contact pages


All Customer Care is provided via live chat and email. Some territories do not offer a live chat service yet; check the page appropriate for your region for details.


US/Americas support

Canada (English) support

Canada (French) support


United Kingdom support

France support

Germany / Deutschland support

Rest of Europe support (English)

Russia support


Australia support

New Zealand support
Hong Kong support
Singapore support

Japan support

South Korea support

China support

Taiwan support


Thanks for reading and we hope any issues you have with your Vive are resolved quickly.

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