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floor level


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@Resistance Are you on Cosmos or Elite? If you're on Elite - you can use OpenVR Advanced Settings to manually set the floor height to whatever is desired.

That said, seated experiences work differently that standing experiences. Most of the seated experiences use a command to reset the seated position or you can use SteamVR's "reset seated position" command

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Elite and I did try that but I think its my base units not set right place so going to test it over the weekend

Its hard to get support if you limit my post count per day

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more info added due to post limit reached
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@Resistance - then the floor level is controlled via SteamVR's room setup function. If your floor is even remotely shiny (i.e. a wood floor). I recommend placing a piece of paper or cardboard underneath the controllers which will increase accuracy by eliminating any reflections coming off of the floor.

Another thing to note is that you should be verifying the floor height in a blank SteamVR compositor rather than an application (e.g. a game or SteamVR Home). Often times, developers offset the virtual floor above the floor calibrated in room setup in order to allow people to pick virtual objects off of the ground without having their controllers bash into the floor (as the controllers have giant sensor rings that come in a wide range of funky shapes). It helps prevent people from having virtual objects on the floor that they can't pick up no matter how hard they try.

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