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Base Station Issues and using without?


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So after buying me Cosmos Elite like last week, I'm told I have to send in one of Base Stations which i love spend a 1k for a setup only to have it fixed a week later and then having to wait 2-3 weeks to get my base station back from when its received. So in the mean time am i able to play without the base stations or is my headset just a useless $1000 paperweight till i get the base station back?

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@Deathplay - SteamVR tracked headsets like Cosmos Elite require a minimum of 1 base station. You can use it in 180 degree tracking mode with a single station but using the channel select button on the back of the good station and then flipping it to channel A. When your other station arrives back, flip them back to B/C respectively. 180 mode works best with seated apps generally.

I'd recommend enabling "basestation power management" within SteamVR settings to put the base stations into sleep when you're not using them. SteamVR doesn not enable these settings by default but they will improve the lifespan of your stations. You can adjust these settings within SteamVR -> devices -> Basestation Settings -> Power Management. I'd recommend "sleep"

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