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Vive Wireless Adapter - images jump


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Hi guys - I searched the forums and did not find exactly the issue - so forgive me if this has been reported:

I bought a wireless adapter and I am about to return it - but wanted one last ditch effort to see if it is a configuration thing.

I have a pretty powerful machine - brand new just set it up:

Dell G5 5090 2020 9th Gen Intel Octa-Core i7-9700 up to 4.7GHz I 32GB 1TB PCIe SSD 2TB HDD I GTX 1660 Ti 6GB WiFi USB-C HDMI Win 10

In summary - when looking at still images in the surrounding VR area - they seem to jump when looking around. For example when "The Lab" is loaded, the splash screen Valve logo appears to jump to meet my center when looking around. When the main lab game selection area is in view - as you look around the screen is not smooth - there is noticeable jumping of the imagery - I did not have this problem with the tether. 

If I play beat saber - the beat saber music selection menu seems to jump as I move my head - but playing the game itself is fine. 

Is this the nature of the "almost 0 latency" that I am noticing?

Does the sensor need to be high up? - I have full strength on the meter - but it is in front of the TV.

I am charging the batter now and will redo the room scale boundaries tomorrow just as one final check.

Thanks for your help









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Never mind answering -  I returned this garbage. Very disappointed- I was going by I assume game reviews on Amazon I should’ve stuck to the forums this thing is plagued with numerous problems shame on HTC for releasing this they just went down a few notches. 

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I'd say the problem is, you brought a DELL, nobody who knows anything about computers buy a prebuilt PC especially a DELL, they use the cheapest off the factory line parts... here's an example, contacted alienware last year, asked if they price compare, compared my PC to there's,. they took 2000£ off the price, got the live chat saved somewhere on an external drive, I always take images of such garbage..

You should of brought ACER, MSI, ROG anything but dell..

Dell and HP are the lowest cheap form of computers on the market, they make mass produced PC's they are really just for the cheaper people, that's why in every school on earth and work place nearly everything is a DELL, you are paying cheap for garbage.

I googled your computer and it says   "8GB DDR4 at 2666MHz"  not 32GB... have you replaced all the ram with 32GB? or just rammed more in there, you can't just ram more in even if it's 2666mhz.. it has the be the exact same ram., timings and all.


I personally have never experienced such issues and nor have the millions of others that own the wireless, it maybe a small minority, but that's it. It could be interference from external devices, it could be DELL RELATED YUCK, 

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Damn - I have an ASUS ROG - but the one where it does not have a PCIe slot. I went against my better judgement. BUT - I am able to return the computer no questions asked. In answer to your question it seems they upgraded the memory, SO I am willing to try this again with a new RIG - I'd like to spend about $1500 any suggestions?


What about this one?



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OK so I hooked up the wireless VIVE Adapter and so far is working awesome with the Aurora R9

Test 1 - all default settings - wireless receiver is up high on the TV - check

Test 2 - move receiver lower at about counter level - in progress

In short - at this point as per @SanityGaming - not every gaming machine is created equal. I originally spent $1599 on this dell gaming machine I bought on Amazon as it had good reviews. However as per my original post - though it worked very well with many games including a WIRED VIVE -  I noticed this stuttering jumping issue with the wireless adapter. So to test the theory I was able to return the dell and get an Alienware Aurora R9 for the same price. 

I will report back after I move the receiver down to the counter height. 

Stay tuned!

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Sorry, haven't been pro-active,. covid19!

Alienware is dell.. it's mass produced garbage.. uses factory made off the line parts. It's like buying processed food vs non processed, ones cheap garbage, vs one that's expensive and better tasting!

But as you've brought alienware, at least it works, alienware pc's are more aimed at gaming anyway, still better than buying anything that's purely dell tagged.

Dell and Alienware have high reviews due to newbs and people not so well (informed) on computers, and go with such garbage, it's mass advertised garbage because other companies can't afford such advertising! that and Dell/Alienware pays tons to people that advertise their products.

Both Dell and Alienware are 100% primarily built differently with just different tags, (alienware were better before dell took over) Go to google just type in alienware reviews, (Anything not company based, gamerpro e.t.c) just casual buyers like us will all state BAD... unless you've rarely ever owned a pc.

As I said, dell and such are terrible mass produced, they are mostly used by SIMPS and extremely basic people... you'd never catch a true PC owner or GAMER with a dell or hp product, that's why people buy CUSTOM BUILDS or MAKE THERE OWN it's cheaper and better, and you know the parts inside aren't garbage.

Also you're right not all computers are built equal unless they are mass produced factory line crap.

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People buy CUSTOM BUILDS or MAKE THEIR OWN because it's cheaper and better, and you know the parts inside aren't garbage. You'd never catch a true PC owner or GAMER with a dell or hp product... that's why people buy CUSTOM BUILDS or MAKE THEIR OWN because it's cheaper and better, and you know the parts inside aren't garbage.

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