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Vive Cosmos Lag Issues


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I got my vive a couple of months ago and I had it working fine with my laptop (alienware m15) and I booted it up yesterday and it was incredibly laggy.

The ms was hitting 111ms at its high and then swinging back down to 6. 

I shut everything down and tried again and it would work for one song of Beat Sabre and then just start lagging again.

I don't really know what the issue could be...

Alienware m15

Intel Core i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz 2.21 GHz

16gb of RAM

Windows 10

intel(r) uhd graphics 630

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@DeMash077 , the HMD itself is likely fine. Headset problems don't really affect the frame-rate. PC problems are a lot tricker to troubleshoot. With laptops, you need to doublecheck the laptop is plugged in and that Windows is set to "high performance" power mode.

Common pain points are:

  • A SteamVR update (you can't really downgrade SteamVR)
  • GPU drivers (you can try installing a previous version via a clean install).
  • Weird PC issue (malware, background process, ect...)
  • Some weird bios or powersaving setting. Ect...
  • Issue with windows/windows update
  • Not having enough free space on an SSD for it to function properly

Troubleshooting these issues is hyper-specific to your PC - it's not something that usually shows up in logs. You can always try clean installing windows as a nuclear option. You can also verify it's not the HMD if you have access to another VR compatible PC, but as I said above - the headset itself doesn't really mess up the framerates.

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