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Any code examples on how to use the dual cameras on the Focus?


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Looking through the plugin code (using latest 3.20.0 SDK), I can see the 4 basic functions:

WVR_StartCameraWVR_StopCameraWVR_GetCameraFrameBuffer, and WVR_GetCameraIntrinsic, but there are no examples to learn from.

Having searched in the forum I think some people were having camera permission issues which I suppose are solved with setting some Android xml.

Are there any blueprint functions to capture frames?

Is there any C++ code example that maybe captures some frames and stores them as B&W images?

I understand that the Focus is not mean for AR but I want to capture some images with the camera for detecting external trackers.


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Hi Corvus,

So I deployed the CameraTexture_Test level on the Focus, and even though I added "android.permission.CAMERA” in Unreal 4.25.3 in the Advanced APK Packaging for Extra Permission (Project Settings), which correctly added: uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.CAMERA” to the AndroidManifest.xml, when the level starts, I still see the warning that the camera permissions were not granted.

When I click (using Finch controller) on start camera, nothing happens.

Did I miss a step?


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