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USB 3 Ports Deactivating


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Mine is still working but I have it connected to front port. As of setup not detecting usb 3 port. Skip that part then let steam fully install. So it installs watchman dongle .LHR . and vive Cosmos.. You can verify this by going to settings/devices in windows. Do not uninstall but run Cosmos elite setup again. USB 3 will be detected this time around.

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9 hours ago, VibrantNebula said:

@BlackOne - if there is a USB-compatibility it's  usually deeply rooted in the motherboard/BIOS way beyond anything Vive (or really any one single company) can externally influence too deeply. It relates to how the OEM is building their motherboards and programing their BIOS . Gigabyte is a reputable brand and I'm simply not very aware of any specifics to those motherboards as I haven't seen alot of Gigabyte customers with issues. I've seen the most issues with Asus boards due to their ASmedia USB technologies.

If you truley think it's USB-controller related. The best thing to do is to purchase this specific USB card: . This brand is recommended by Valve for SteamVR devices: Inateck Express Cards. It's one of those situations where if it works - it will save you from hours of fruitless debugging the cost of ~$20 and a spare PCI-e port.

I cant buy this card from Russia. 

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