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UE4.24 - debug canvas not visible on Vive Focus Plus


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When deploying an app onto Vive Focus Plus I am unable to "summon" debug canvas layer - the layer that normally displays print strings, outputs of commands such as "stat unit", "stat fps" etc. I have tried using adb shell "am broadcast -a android.intent.action.RUN -e cmd 'CONSOLE COMMAND GOES HERE'" command to launch stat commands but that did not cause the stat output to appear on screen. I'm positive those calls get registered as commands that output to logs (stat DumpFrame) are called by this method just fine and do output to the log file. Also, I did make sure that at no point 'DisableAllScreenMessages' is called. Does anyone know how to make the outputs of "stat" commands visible on Vive Focus Plus? Any help would be appreciated.

The issue was noticed using WaveVR SDK 3.2.0 with stock UE4.24 from Epic Launcher. @JustinVive @MariosBikos_HTC

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