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Pose data from more than 2 Vive Tracker 2018 devices

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I experience a problem getting pose data from more than 2 trackers. I'm using openvr.git example hellovr_opengl for the purpose.

The symptoms are the following.

1) I'm using SteamVR with OpenVR. SteamVR version is 1.14.9-beta. My setup includes 2 base stations 2.0 and 6 trackers 2018. OpenVR is master branch the most recent snapshot.

2) I've made 2 config file modifications listed here: https://vvvv.org/blog/using-htc-vive-trackers-without-headset to be able to run the setup.

3) If all 6 trackers are specified as "held in hand" "either hand", hellovr_opengl is able to output 2 controller pose information for the first two trackers connected no problem.

4) But if in SteamVR either one of 6 totally connected trackers role is set to anything else other than "held in handhellovr_opengl stops working. It doesn't matter if it is one of the two tracked or any other one.

3) Following the pattern I'm trying to add more trackers support. But I can't get any pose data other than the first two trackers in the list.

4) I've noticed that I can't pair trackers in arbitrary order. There is at least one which pairs only after all other trackers are paired. Alternatively it keeps blinking blue LED infinitely long. Is it a feature?


Would one please let me know

1) How to get tracker pose data from more than 2 trackers in software?

2) Do I need to modify tracker roles? When I use any role other than "held in hand" for any of 6 trackers paired, the 2 supported by hellovr_opengl trackers also stop working.

3) Do I need to modify json fiiles OpenVR uses when interacts with vrclient.dll? The modifications I'm trying to make seem to have no effect. Is there any tutorial on how to modify those for multiple tracker support?


Thank you!


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