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Pavlov tracking so much better than other games


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After having a Pavlov session tonight i'm wondering why this shooter tracks better than pretty much every game on the vive cosmos.

Onward, zero calibre and half-life don't come close. ADS in Pavlov is superb and i had to really try to get the gun stuck. I'm no software

engineer by any stretch of the imagination but surely the tracking system must be set up differently in Pavlov. Its so much better, i mean

its pretty much on par with the Rift s.

Please can you have a look into this, the headsets colour and image is so enjoyable, but i am having to keep my rift s still as the 

other games mentioned above have bad tracking in ADS and 2 hand grip of the weapons.

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1 hour ago, Randonlag said:

hmmm seems like an out line i tried av gun club and some skyrim still seem a bit buggy.... i still am using wmr controller setting on steam 


Give Pavlov a go. It is so much better, just wish the other shooters were this good.

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did i miss a patch note cuz bows work in skyrim vr .... don't own povlov  sorry  but know one has said on you tube that it has gotten better........btw why are spells giving  cross hairs and bow doesn't   t('.'t)  but at 15 feet i can get head shots easy an fast


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