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One Lens out of Focus, what do?


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Greetings Fellow members


I just very recently bought myself an HTC Vive Cosmos and have been enjoying it.

I just had the issue that things tend to be blurry from time to time. whihc I thought was because I use glasses and I'm not wearing them whilst using the Vive since they're kinda big.

HOWEVER, I found out today that that wasn't the issue. I found it odd that the image is something between cristal clear and blurry from time to time, and thus I tried closing my right and left eye to see if there was an issue.

And there is! When I close my right eye the image is cristal clear, but when I close my left the image is blurry. And it's not my eyes as my eyes are both equally nearsighted.

Is there a solution for this? I hope I don't have to send it back as I just got my headset.

Any advice is welcome


Kind regards


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@Rasponov - Do you have the IPD properly adjusted? Aside from that - you'd want to ensure that the headset is held in the correct location over your face before tightening and adjusting the headstrap to ensure that your eyes are correctly aligned with the sweet spot.

The lenses on Cosmos are at the same fixed focal distance so it's not really possible for one lens to be in focus and the other along the eye-relief plane.

Are you able to verify the issue with anybody else? Astigmatisms are kind of tricky when it comes to VR headsets - while you may have roughly the same cylinder power in each eye, you may have wildly different axis which can become very apparent when using a headset.

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