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Cosmos Elite black on new PC


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So I bought a new PC and there I have some problem, while it still works perfectly fine on my old box, so it shouldn't be a hardware issue.

First, in Vive Guide "Detecting USB connection" never finishes ("HDMI detected" gets finished fine). It looks totally fine in Steam VR, but the image in the screen is totally black and it doesn't seem to be turned on and I can see nothing. I was able to do updates for all - helmet, controllers, base stations, on the new box/

I did try, I believe, everything related to USB. I only did not reinstall OS. I bought USB 3.0 PCI-E card - and that did not help. I did uninstall-reboot-reinstall everything VR related.

In USBDeview I can see some Vive-related devices (VIVE COSMOS Usb composite device), but there are more on the box where it is working. I tried every USB port that there is (plus PCI-E USB 3.0 card) and they all have the same issue (while they all appear to be working, i.e. I never had problems plugging mouse or keyboard).

I installed the latest chipset and videocard driver.

The new box is Ryzen 9 3900x with GeForce 2070 and gygabyte b450 aorus pro sam4 motherboard. The old box is some Intel i7 with GeForce 1060, it is like 3-4 y.o.

I'll contact the support, but I'm not even sure what to blame. Is it even USB issue for sure? Can it be some display/videocard/video input issue instead?

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Hey, thanks, that helped!
I Viveport I went to profile -> settings, pressed Device Setup, and it run a bit different version of setup and it was totally fine and now I have the console and can see everything in the helmet. Controllers did not start, but maybe they just have no charge (which I'm not sure why, but that could have happened during all the hassle).

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