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About the axis of the VIVE tracker.


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Currently, I am developing VR content using Unity and VIVE Pro. The content uses a controller with Tracker attached to a special device.

The problem I'm having is that when I launch the content, in rare cases the Tracker axis is initialized in a different way than I expected.

The Role setting of Tracker on SteamVR is "HELD IN HAND", and there was a topic in the forum that it could be solved by changing this to another Role. However, if you change to another Role, It will not be able to get input from Pogo Pin.

I would like to know the following two points.
(1) What is the cause of the phenomenon that the axis of Tracker changes from time to time?
(2) What is the solution to this problem so that I can get the input from PogoPin?

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Hey @dgi, I'm so happy to see this post as I'm experiencing the same problem. I wrote about it on the SteamVR forum here.

Did you ever get any explanation as to how the Tracker Role setting could cause this issue, if it produces different results without having changed this setting?

I'd also love to know the cause of this and a solution. Currently I'm trying to manually find the forward direction in my Unity app but it's difficult to do when you don't know which way the physical Tracker is actually facing.

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Just wanted to come back to say that the issue does only seem to occur when HELD IN HAND is the selected role.

Doing some tests I found that the tracker with the HELD IN HAND (ANY HAND) role will initialize in the unexpected orientation at a frequency of about 1 in 10 app launches on my Apple laptop and about 9 in 10 app launches on a Dell workstation. When I switched tracker role to WAIST it did not once initialize in the unexpected orientation after 50 app launches. 

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