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Eye-Tracking not working: SRanipal requires to update firmware and fails

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On 10/29/2020 at 7:23 PM, fvfrfr said:

Yes, I finally got it working.

A (not sure if the?) problem was the non accepted EULA license. @Tony PH Lin gave a good hint. However, it was a bit difficult, as in the frontend (how he suggested) the EULA was already accepted and therefore I was not able to accept it again. Then I figured out that the backend (SRanipalRuntime) stores the acceptance in its own config file (the above mentioned SRanipalConfig.ini). There it was not accepted and I had to set the following two properties:


After I did that, SRanipalRuntime was able to install the firmware (version 2.41.0-942e3e4) at the second try. I am not sure if this really solved the problem or if it was only luck, as a week later I had the same issue and the firmware could only be installed after a restart of the computer (the EULA was accepted also before ).

So I am currently running  the runtime Version Even thought this version is very buggy. I also had a lot of issues with that:

  • Not able to start the EyeCalibration from Unity anymore
  • Huge performance problems within Unity when requesting the eye data (only 2 fps possible)
  • Performance issues within SteamVR and the Steam Calibration

I solved them by starting the EyeCalibration manually (with the Vive Controller) from the SteamVR menu and plan more time for the procedure. The performance problems within Unity I solved by not using the getEyeData() function anymore. I only register the callback and then I do the whole synchronization, data handling and focus detection on my own. 

In total, I am very happy that currently everything works fine. But to be honest: I do not really trust it. I would not be surprised if it suddenly stops working from one day to another again.

Thanks for your feedback and conforming the issues we are experiencing.

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