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Set Grabbable Following Duration to less than 0.02


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Is it possible to make the Following Duration shorter than 0.02 (seconds, I guess)? I see a remark in the code that it depends on the Update rate, so if I would set fixedDeltaTime to let's say 0.001 (1 ms), can I then get a following duration of 0.001 as well? ( I know I need to add both the [SteamVR] and [ViveInputUtility] prefabs in the scene and in both uncheck the 'Lock physics update rate to render frequency' option to avoid falling back to 90 fps at runtime).

The remark I referred to is in RigidPose.SetRigidBodyVelocity(), which is called from GrabbableBase.OnGrabRigidBody().

I understand that you need some time to calculate the velocity and that more time means greater accuracy. But more time also means more lag; the attached object seems to be on an elastic band to the controller rather than securely fixed. So my ideal solution would be to specify this in frames rather than seconds. Then as a developer I can select how much accuracy I want by selecting the number of frames and I can influence the lag by setting the framerate (fixedDeltaTime). Higher framerate (lower fixedDeltaTime) means less lag.

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